What If
Intro:        G2        C2        G2        C2
                        G                  G/F#                 Em
What if I        lived this day as if You were strongest?
                      C2         G/B                         Am7        D7
What if I        gave away         as if You had more?
              Em7        G/D                       C2        GMaj7/B      Am    
What if I ate your words as if they’d  fill my    hungry         soul?
C/G         G/F                           C/E            Cm/Eb              Dsus   D
What if I heard your footsteps nearing as I knocked on this door?

C2                 G/B
Breathe in me reality
         Am7        D7        G
from heaven’s  higher    view.
CMaj7                      G/B
Speak your truth and stir in me
 FM7(#11)      D/F#         G2        C2        G2        C2
an echo            back to     You.

                G                             G/F#                 Em
What if I slowed my pace, and found You were speaking,
G/D              C2            G/B                                      Am7        D7
whispering, “Courage, child,” and “Come, walk with me”?
                 Em7         G/D                       C2                GMaj7/B          Am
What if my heart believed         that every wrong would be         made right?  
C/G         G/F                            C/E                  Cm/Eb          Dsus  D
What if I found your yoke was easy, and your burden truly light?       (chorus)

                    G                          G/F#      Em
What if my pain and tears were part of a mystery,
G/D           C2        G/B                  Am7   D7     
calling my heart to draw closer to You?
                       Em7        G/D                           C2        GMaj7/B        Am
What if from brokenness         You composed songs of joy and         praise,
C/G          G/F           C/E           Cm/Eb        Dsus     D
lifting my temporary focus to an everlasting gaze?          (chorus x2)
This song sprouted as an idea in my heart as I took an early Sunday morning walk
with our family dog in the lower field running along the creek below our home.
It was a bright, beautiful day, the sun creeping slowly up then spilling its light
all over the hill above me as I walked.
But shadows of fear--
fear over the future of our world and particularly my children's futures
in this broken world--were choking my joy.
Out of the blue, the question came to me:
Hey! What if I actually lived this day as if Jesus
were the strongest one,
stronger than anyone and anything? What if I lived as if all his words
were really true?
What if I
could really trust Him with my treasured children,
and the children around the world I love and pray for (and worry over)
every day, sight unseen?
What if I just
thanked Him for being the strongest one...out loud, right here with my dog...
just started praying my anxieties into their rightful place:  into invisible, strong hands.
What if I said, "Yes, I
will rest in realities I can't see, and don't particularly feel"?
What would that look like? What would that feel like?
Either it's all true or it isn't.
But I'm the one living in silliness, if God's way is the reality that all heaven
and all hell can see (even though maybe I can't)...and I'm still anxious.
How would that free me--in my mind, heart, mood, marriage, parenting, actions, reactions?
And how might that super simple, tiny choice warm the heart of my Father?
And so the seed was planted.