My Heart Sings to You

Before the whirlwind surrenders to peace,
teach me to quiet my heart in your calm.  
Though mountains be quaking,
foundations be shaking,
I whisper your Name in the simplest of prayers.
For no one who trusts you will be disappointed.  
Jesus, fill me with you.

You know my frailty, for you became man.  
You breathed in earth’s dust after heaven’s pure air.
Your living eased man’s pain,
your dying crushed death’s reign;
you gave up your glory, tears mingling with ours.  
And you share our anguish:  this world broke your body.
My gaze rests on You.

You are my Maker, my Father, my God.  
With nail marks, you’ve written my name on your palms.
No evil can break me,
nor from your hand shake me.
You knew all my days, when I first cried at birth.
For you are within me, the Lord of all gladness.
My heart sings, Lord, to You.

I will join the chorus of saints billions strong,
who sing adoringly of how your faithfulness carries on.

Amy Carmichael, courageous missionary to India in the early 20th century,
wrote a poem that inspired the first part of this song
(“Before the winds that blow do cease, teach me to dwell within Thy calm…”).  
This song was created during the time our dear family friend and an incredible musician,
Kent Roberts, was slowly dying of cancer right before us at age 52.
It is deeply encouraging to know that not one of God’s children,
no matter what struggle he bore on earth, has ever found God unfaithful in the end.
And so with billions we may join in the chorus, praising his eternal faithfulness.