My Faith Looks Up to You

My faith looks up to You,
O Lamb upon the cross.
There, you exchanged righteous robes
for my rags.  
Nothing I feel or do can make it come untrue:  
I am your child, I am your child.

Let your rich grace flow down
and melt my heart of stone.  
Kindle my love, since your love bled for me.  
In me this flame will grow; our world your love will know:  
A living fire, a living fire.

Anxious thoughts cloud my mind
and grip my heart with fear.  
Dark threats alarm, cold waves splash,
gale winds blow.  
My faith smiles up at you; your voice of hope is true,
Jesus, my peace, Jesus, my peace.

I will hold on, I will hold on,
I will hold onto the One who’s holding me.

When shadows of this world
fade in heaven’s light,
all my lifelong just the hour before dawn,
All things will be made new; I will be there with you
forevermore, forevermore.

When the stock market crash and ensuing widespread economic panic occurred
in the fall of 2008, the title of the old hymn “My Faith Looks Up to Thee” kept coming
into my head. The idea that our eyes of faith are especially essential in times
of distress and confusion was the central kernel for this song’s creation.  
My husband Luke sat on our sofa with me and helped me craft the beautiful words of the last verse.  
This was my first hymn.