Call It Joy
Call it Joy
Intro:  G  Am7  G/B   C D   G  Am7  G/B   C

D                G                Am7                          G/B                      C              
Blessed are you who persevere,and who see beyond your dark trial.
      Am7                          F                             D/F#          G
Each tiny seed, sown in earth’s dust, blossoms with orchards above.
C             D     G                           Bm                    C   D/C  C   D/C
Weeping may last all through this night, but in the endless morning,
Am7                                D                G        C
“Joy,” you’ll whisper, “Yes, I call it joy.”   

Verse 1:    
Em                 D            C                     Am7    D     Em   
When temptation’s voice is sweet, and it’s hard to look away,  
   C  D/C  C        D/C     G     C
call it joy,                   call it joy.
  Em            D          C                Am7        D        Em     G/D  C  D/C  C
When discouragement is deep, yet the voice of hope is near, call it joy.

Verse 2:       Em            D             C                     Am7      D        Em
When your health and strength are gone, and your frailty’s nearly won,
    C  D/C  C        D/C     G     C
call it joy,                   call it joy.
            Em         D       C                Am7                D           Em  
When your longing, unfulfilled, learns to say, “Your will, not mine,”
G/D    C  D/C  C
call it joy.                    (Chorus)

Verse 3:
            Em        D           C                 Am7           D        Em
When the ties that bind are torn,  yet his arms hold your relief,
        C  D/C  C      D/C     G     C
call it joy,                 call it joy.
              Em         D        C                        Am7           D                 Em  
When you love instead of hate,when your wounds are touched with grace,
G/D     C  D/C   C  D/C     Am7  G/B   C  
call it joy.

Chorus along with duet words:
D                                G  Am7 G/B  C    Am7    F        D/F#  
(Blessed are you...)/Alleluia,  Alle--lu, Worthy is the Lamb,
        G           C            D   
once slain.   (Weeping may last...)   
G             Bm      C        D/C C  D/C        Am7                                             
Blessing, honor, praise for--ev--er,         joy; we'll whisper,
 D                      G      C          G       C D/C C D/C
“Yes, we call it joy.”  Allelu, Alleluia.                          Blessing,
G        Bm      C                       G        G/B     C  D/C  C
honor, glory, praise, forever; Worthy is the Lamb.  
                      G                           Bm                    C  D/C  C   D/C  
Weeping may last all through this night, but in the endless morning,
Am7                        D                   G     Am7   G/B   C D   G   Am7  G/B C D  G
“Joy,” I'll whisper, “Yes, I call it joy.”

One day I was taking my daily walk and trying to work out the ideas for this
song, contemplating James 1:2-3, 12:  “Consider it pure joy, my brothers,
whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of
your faith develops perseverance.  …Blessed is the man who perseveres
under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of
life that God has promised to those who love him.”  Out of the blue, the words
from Psalm 30:15 came to mind:  “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy
comes in the morning.”  And I sat on the steps of an old staircase in my
neighborhood and scribbled words on my scrap of paper and wept,
overwhelmed by how perfectly these scriptures, written hundreds of years
apart, spoke the same message in such perfect harmony. In the "morning" of
heaven, we will sing with hearts of purest joy, and I tried to make it musically
feel like we had reached that place of light at the end of the song.