Already There

In rental skates, his heavy frame
goes stumbling 'round the rink in shame;
the cool kids laugh each time they pass him by.
The skates come off, retreat is made
to the corner of this dark arcade;
his downcast eyes will never hear my smile say:  

“Come rest as you are, a diamond inside.  
Those labels are lies; stop running to hide.  
You scorn your own soul
each time you compare.  
Look up, be at peace, stop your running;
you're already there.”

Distractions numb the pain a bit,
but when they fade, she often sits,
and all alone with loneliness, just cries.  
The hole her absent Daddy left,
she is trying hard to fill, and yet
the sweetest voice of hope keeps drawing her near:

This song began as a title and an idea, which waited around for months
before the song actually materialized when our family went to the local roller rink
and I saw the sweet but self-conscious middle-schooler the first verse of this song is about.
I kept trying to catch this boy's eye, to give him a nod and a smile of affirmation,
but never could get him to look up at me, and it broke my heart.
The second verse was inspired by a thirteen-year-old neighbor girl (and her little brother)
our family grew attached to who was abandoned by both parents
due to drugs and bad choices and prison, and raised by her great grandmother.