All Things Shall Be Well

Intro:        D  D/F#    G2        D  D/F#   G2     D  D/F#   G2      D  D/F#  G2
D  D/F#   G                   Em   A    D/F#
“I am       greater than    all     you fear;
G           D/F#                 Em                Asus   A
I’ve overcome the world; child, rest in    Me.  
G        D/F#        G     G/B        F#m
I have trampled death  and         hell.
C                G/B          D/A                G
My Peace I  give you;  My Strength enfolds you;
F#m                G2                 Em7        Asus  A        D        D/F#  G2     D  D/F#  G2
Your home is   here with Me; All things shall         be well.”

D  D/F#      G        Em  A    D/F#
“I  am         able to do   all    things.
G                         D/F#         Em                  Asus   A
Prayers whispered in the dark through heaven ring.  
G           D/F#     G        G/B        F#m
Fret and fear not; cling    to           Me.
C                G/B   D/A                G
All may be  silent, answers be      absent;
F#m        G2                Em7        Asus  A         D  D/F#   G     Em A     D/F#     G     D/F#    Em   A7
Joy is the final page;     All things  shall         be well.”

D  D/F#   G                Em  A   D/F#
“I  am      wiser than    all   be- low.  
G                        D/F#                Em       Asus  A   
Teardrops and      hidden stars:     all this I know.
G          D/F#        G       G/B        F#m
In your sorrows     I         am         near.  
C                G/B        D/A              G
Heaven will heal you, Your joy   a- maze you,
F#m              G2                Em7       Asus  A        G        D/F#        
All sad things come untrue; All things shall         be well--
Em7            Asus  A         D   D/F#    G2        D  D/F#   G2  A   D
All-- things-- shall--       be well."
Julian of Norwich (1342-1416), a Christian mystic who lived through the Black Plague,
famously said of the problem of sin in the world, sin within us, and the hope that is Jesus Christ:
“All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well."
One evening after my four children were tucked into bed, I was very troubled about the state of our nation and world,
and so I left my husband watching the news on television to go and sit in the dim evening light at the piano.
I began playing softly, praying to God and straining to hear his voice
through the clamor of my highly troubled thoughts.
Tears streaming down my face, I jotted down the melody that flowed from my fingers and the words
I felt God would say if he were to speak audibly to me that night, face to face.