A Long Way to Here

College town starlit midnights, hand in hand;
parting kisses at Central Park South;
Tuscan amber sunsets, reflecting in our souls;
lush, green mountain trails close to home:

We’ve walked a long, long way to here,
strolling sunlit paths with ease,
or falling lost unto our knees.
In looking back, those ordinary days
are bright with promise for tomorrow’s walks with you.

Foolish, yet full of faith, we said our vows,
plunging deeper in life’s running stream.  
Sweet forgiveness saved us time and time again,
giving life where life shouldn’t be.

“Table for six, please, sir,” I hear him say,
and I smile at our boy turning ten.  
Every crazy, precious day settles into peace,
and we bare our hearts once again.

Learning how to keep the pace of kindness;
learning how a smile from me can ease your load;
learning you and I are worth every bit of work it takes
to go on walking down this road.

One day our children’s children will gather ‘round,
watching life trickle out of my face.  
And the ones who’d never give up must finally part;
from above, I’ll smile when you say:

This was my 15th wedding anniversary gift for  my husband Luke, written after a disagreement
(read "fight") made me sit... and cry...
and finally humbly ponder that while
the issues we were fighting over mattered,  
our journey together mattered far, far, infinitely more.